Specializing in Caribbean & USA Boat & Yacht Insurance


Specializing in Caribbean Yacht & Boat Insurance

The Pegasus Group is a privately owned company.  For over 30 years we have been providing quality and competitively priced Caribbean & USA  Yacht or Boat Insurance.

Our primary goals are to provide  our customers with the best possible service and to tailor their coverage to meet their individual needs.  It is our priority to place your Caribbean or  USA Yacht or Boat insurance with companies that will provide prompt and professional claim service while offering attractive rates.  We have built lasting relationships of reliability and trust with our customers and we will continue to maintain the highest level of personalized service our customers have come to depend on.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and if we can ever be of service or if you have any questions regarding your Caribbean & Florida Yacht or Boat insurance please contact us at your convenience.   Each of who works at The Pegasus Group owes their living and success to our customers and the companies who continue to  use and support our products and that is something we never forget.

Click Here for the lowest rates with The Pegasus Group.   Specializing in Caribbean & USA  Yacht insurance and Boat Insurance plans. Thank you.

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