Specializing in Caribbean Yacht & Boat Insurance


Pictured on this page are yachts and aircraft that are insured through The Pegasus Group.  Not only are they our customers they are also our good friends. 


              The Office

                                    Peter Neilsen
                                Dominican Republic
                                    " The Office"


                                     Nick & Cathy Brush
                                  Commerce Township, MI


                                    Pedro De Castro
                                   Dominican Republic

                     Silk Pajamas

                                         Terry & Kristen
                                         Long Beach, CA
                                          "Silk Pajamas"

                                    Allan Stoneback
                                   St. Thomas, USVI

                   Blue Moon

                                       "Blu Moon"

                  Mo Guffy

                                  Irwin Gaffin
                                 "Mo Guffy"



             Peter Torkelson

                                  Peter Torkelson

                                                             CHARTER YACHTS


                               Felcia Yacht Charters  
                     Chris & Julie Bennett

                      Captain Chris Bennett & Julie Bennett

                                 Liberte' Charters



                Captain Gordon Monsen

                          Captain Gordon Monsen
                                     "Liberte' "


                               Viaggio Yacht Charters

               Viaggio Crew

                                   "Viaggio"   Crew


                            Treazzure Yacht Charters
                   Captain Hollywood

                          Captain "Hollywood" Alveraz
                          Flamboyance Yacht Charters
              Jim Fritz and Chef Patty

                              Captain Jim Fritz & Chef Patty

                                   Elixir Charters

             Capitan David & Janet Macneil

                        Captain David & Janet MacNeil

                  Black Pearl

                       Black Pearl Fishing Charters



             Capitan Jim   

                                Captain Jim Estraca
                                      "Black Pearl"


                               St. John Yacht Charters

           Jason and Lou at the Quite Mon

                  Captain Jason & Lou Carter

                               Priorities Yacht Charters
                    Capitan Richard

                         Captain Richard Cassarino
                              First Mate Lisa Pratt

                              Taboo Yacht Charters


                                    Taboo Crew
                              The Harstone Family


                                 Analisa Yacht Charters




   Captain Peter Skully                        First Mate Ruth
            "Analisa"                                       "Analisa"


                                Opus Yacht Charters

                           Captain Billy Pratt

                                      Cruising Spirit Charters

                          Captain Tim & Angela Cordts

                                     Sail Caneel Bay Charters

             Captain Greg Freitas & Captain Barbara Emerson

                             NSS Pattam Charters



                             Captain Matt & Patricia Bockh
                                          "NSS Pattam"


                                  Kindred Spirit Charters


                              Captain Dan & Julie Barron
                                     "Kindred Spirit"


                                  Catbird Charters





           Captain Otto Geiger & First Mate Caren Sharpen


                           Storm Petrel Yacht Charters


           Captain Phil Levine & First Mate Laura Schaub
                                "Storm Petrel"


                      Glory of Christiansted Yacht Charters
                           Captain Dave Kummerlee
                             "Glory of Christiansted"


                                           5 Star Sailing



                                Captain Hugh Obrien
                                            "5 Star"    


                                          Safari Yacht Charters

                                 Captan Ed West

                                   Victoria Yacht Charters

                       Captain Wayne & Barbara Elsworth

                                        Windstar Yacht Charters                           




                          Captain Ed & Kat Ray



                                  Magic Charter Inspiration Vacation


                          Captain Jeff & Sandy Ludlam
                                  "Magic Inspriation"                                                            


                                             Two if by the Sea


                           Captain Steuart & Fran Rattle
                                  "Two if by the Sea"


                                  Sea Chateau Yacht Charters
                                    Captain Carlos Andrade
                                       St. Thomas, USVI


                               Flame Yacht Charters
                                    Dave Loerzel
                                 St. Thomas, USVI



                        La Buscadora Classic Charters BVI             




                                Captain Mike Hallett




Barefoot Yacht Charters
St. Vincent &
The Grenadines


                              "Double Down"
                    Steve Chelimski/Henderson,NV
                Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters





                                Victor Macor/BC Canada
                          Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                                   "Mustard Seed"
                Brown Summit West Indies/Broomfield,CO
                  Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters






                                   "On Holiday Again"
                           Carl Webster/Concord, MI
                     Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                                        "Aggie Cat"
                             John Bugge/Luling,TX
               Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                                  "Planned Outage"
                         Paul Draper/Ontario, Canada
                  Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


               Robert Mackenzie/North Yorkshire England
                 Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                      Robert Tufte/St. Paul, MN
                Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                                  "Betty Blue"
                      Patrick Day/Anchorage, AK
                 Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                               Grant Nordin/St. Vincent
                       Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                                            "Lady Di"
                               Gary Fritzler/Wellington, FL
                     Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                                         "La Mouette"
                  Edward & Nicole Albada/St Anns, Trinidad
                       Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                               Nick Bond/Kemp, TX
                     Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                                        "Pelican Pete"
                        Christopher Schwarn/Delray Beach, Fl
                        Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                                  "Rainbow Chaser"
                       Ronald Capen/Woodland Park, CO
                    Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                                    "Sly Mongoose"
                             Larry & Susan Easley/Boise, ID
                       Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters


                  Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters



                                        "Winters Gate"

                        Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters



                                    " Indian Summer"

                    Managed By Barefoot Yacht Charters

                                   Divi Div Airways

                                       SVG Airways
                          St. Vincents & The Grenadines





                                      Caribbean Wings
                                          Tortola, BVI







                                Miller Aircraft
                              Phillipsburg, OH


                                          Windward Express
                                                St. Maarten


                               Lilly David Enterprises
                                     Allentown, PA



                                            Eastern Aero Aviation
                                                 Gibsonville, NC